Ramadan 2016: When Is Ramadan Starting?

2016 Ramadan is almost here and we are pleased to inform you when 2016 Ramadan will start. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar in which Muslims Fast from Dawn to Dusk.

The Start of Ramadan depends solely on the sighting of the Moon or Crescent as it is called which varies from one Place to another.
when does Ramadan start

Based on the information we are privy to from Saudi Arabia, the 
2016 Ramadan should start on the 7th of July, 2016. Due to Luna Variation, there might be a Plus or minus one from the Date.

The official Date for the Start of 2016 Ramadan is usually announced by the Imam of Mecca as this day is important for those who will want to perform lesser Hajj.

We wish you a wonderful and Happy 2016 Ramadan. May Allah accept it from us as an act of Iba’dah.

When is 2016 Ramadan
When is Ramadan
When does Ramadan Start
quand il ramadan

fin du Ramadan
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Download Beautiful Ramadan Pictures

Ramadan is here and here are some beautiful Ramadan pictures that You can download and use on facebook,you can also send this pictures to Your friend as Ramadan Wishes.

When Will 2013 Ramadan Starts?

When Will 2013 Ramadan Starts? Ramadan Wiki as been getting Lots of questions about Ramadan from Muslims,and One of the frequently Most ask question is when the 2013 Ramadan fast will begin.

As you Might have known,Ramadan starts Once The Moon as been sighted or Shawwal, the Month Preceding Ramadan completes 30 days.

From Our Speculations here, 2013 Ramadan fast should start either On Tuesday  9th Of July or Wednesday 10 of July Based On the sighting OF the Moon and it will continue for The Next 30 days.

So stay Tuned to Ramadan Wiki as we Update You on Ramadan Starting time and all You should Know about Ramadan.

WE pray Allah give us the Strenght and Health To Observe this year Ramada. Ramadan Masalam